Silicon Valley Career (SVC) Search specializes in the placement of high tech engineering professionals. Since 1996, we have staffed key engineering teams that produce some of the most innovative products to emerge from the Silicon Valley. Products that are changing the way we live, work and communicate – from tablet computers and smart phones to wireless networking, cloud computing, consumer entertainment, secure servers, and storage devices. At SVC Search, we believe in the following approach to building exceptional engineering teams:

Recruiting is a person to person business – Recruiting top talent is not about soliciting resumes from job boards. It is about relationships. But it takes time to develop relationships. It takes time to develop trust. We’ve been trusted staffing partners for high tech companies since 1996, through several cycles of boom and bust in the Silicon Valley.

Instinct – Hiring the best talent isn’t done using electronic screening of keywords. It takes experience to develop hunches and instincts and market intelligence. It involves understanding motivation and working environments, being able to see how candidates can fit into an organization, asking the right questions and above all, intuition that only comes from years of experience.

Hunter’s Mindset — An abundance of online tools – social networking sites, on-line job boards, and resume banks and can quickly result in a sea of unqualified candidates, wasted time and lost opportunity. Excessive reliance on the public domain of active job seekers yields marginal candidates and a high percentage of rejected offers. At SVC Search, we find exceptional candidates, not unqualified resumes. We bring value to our clients by courting those candidates that are not actively looking for job, but are open to a unique and compelling opportunity.